Burgers & Sandwiches


Spectacular Sloppy Joes
Best Alaskan Salmon Dip or Spread (makes for excellent sandwiches)
Moosey Alaskan Sloppy Joes (Quick N Easy)
Marvelous Mini-Meatball Open-Faced Subs
Anytime Quinoa ("Keen-Waa") Patties with Poached Eggs
Zesty Peperoncini Bacon and Egg Sandwiches
Grilled Ham Reuben Sandwiches
Scrumptious Wild Alaska King Salmon Sandwiches
Horsey Venison Burgers with Fresh Tomato Basil Soup
Buffalo Pulled-Chicken Burgers
On-The-Run Egg N' Cheddar BLT
Chili Brat Open-Faced Dogs with the Works
Chili Brat Open-Faced Burgers with the Works
Kicker Horseradish Burger Sandwiches
Breakfast Burgers To Go
B.L.A.S.T. Sandwiches or Appetizer (a twist on a BLT)
Smoked Salmon 'A'LT Sandwiches
Lump Crab and Bacon Wraps
Halibut Po' Boys
Petite Salmon Sliders
Tantalizing Tropical Quesadillas

--Option: Serve any of these with

Sandra's Sourdough-Agave Hoagie Rolls

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