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Beverage - Smoothies


Hot Buttered Rum Mix (and beverage method)
Alaskan Homemade Iced Tea
(3) Recipes: Hot Coffee Toddies
Spiced Lemon-Honey Refillable Tea Base
Over-the-Top Meyer-Lemontini
Holiday Hot Buttered Rum Mix (Homemade)
Moscow Mule Cocktail Hour (made with Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer)
Fresh Mango-Banana-Strawberry Smoothies (Non-Dairy)
--(Also great as a base for 2 separate daiquiri cocktails, just add rum!)
Afternoon Cafe Mocha Delight
Quick Pumpkin Spice Latte Grande - at Home
Coronaritas (aka Beer Margaritas)
3-Min. Homemade Hot Chocolate for 2


Strawberry-Banana-Orange Smoothie
(3) Recipes: Fruit and Berry Smoothies
Tropical Mango-Papaya-Pineapple-Banana Smoothies (Serves: 2)
Silky Raspberry Mid-Afternoon Smoothies (2 Servings)
Luscious Strawberry/Pear/Apple/Orange Smoothies
Strawberry-Banana Candied-Ginger Smoothies (Yields 2)
Cranbanana Apple Power Smoothie
Chai Banana Apple Orange Kiwi Smoothie
Fresh Mango-Banana-Strawberry Smooties (Non-Dairy)
--(Also great as a base for 2 separate daiquiri cocktails, just add rum!)
Frozen Banana and Blueberry Smoothie
Frozen Banana Strawberry Smoothie
Fresh Nectarine Smoothies (for 2)
Frozen Banana Chocolate Smootie
Apple and Orange Smoothies

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