These delectable kielbasa bites
are the first to be devoured
at functions, oh my...

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Servings: (4)
Prep: 5 Mins.
Cook/Simmer: 45 Mins.


¼ cup of chili sauce
¼ cup organic apricot preserves
¼ cup dark brown sugar
¼ cup of tangerine juice
2 teaspoons dijon
½ teaspoon ginger root powder
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 lb. ring of smoked kielbasa, cut into 3/4” thick slices


Whisk the first 7 ingredients in a heavy-bottom medium saucepan over medium-high heat, until bubbly and smooth.  

Reduce the heat to low, add kielbasa, and toss to combine.  

Gently simmer, uncovered for 45 minutes, until the sauce reduces to form a nice glaze, while occasionally stirring.  

Serve glazed kielbasa bites in a decorative dish, along with toothpicks. ~ Enjoy!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oh my! That sounds great! And simple. I like simple.

Next time I'm out at Handorf (Adelaide Hills) I'll pick up some from a local butcher and give this a go.

Carole said...

this looks fantastic - I haven't heard of kielbasa - is it a spicy sausage?

Have a great week.

sandra said...

Thanks so much, Dave! Simple is right, and very tasty. I created this recipe with on-hand ingredients and was surprised with the outcome ~ I hope ya'll do give it a go ;)

sandra said...

Carole, thanks so much! Kielbasa is found in any American market as far as I know, it's a pork polish link (ring) sausage that's either smoked, or not, but not spicy annnd oh so delightful in sooo many ways ~ as usual moderation is key though ;) I have posted many recipes with this ingredient on my site BTW.


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