SANDRA'S TUTORIAL ON HOW TO SECTION A LIVE CRAB (for sautéing, roasting, or grilling):

It's rather easy and enjoyable to do...
(For sauteing, roasting, or grilling):

Place the crab in the freezer for 15 minutes to put it to rest. Put on rubber gloves, and place a large clean pan in sink with the crab in it. Lift the flap on the underbelly while placing your right thumb into the hole and lifting the flap up up - while pressing down on the back shell with your other hand and the top will pop right open. Be careful not to spill the juices, and reserve the shell liquid and crab butter by setting it aside for Sandra's Grilled Whole-Sectioned Dungeness Crab recipe. Clean off the gills and whatever parts you are not going to eat, while leaving body and leg sections intact. Hold the crab in both hands so cleaned outside is facing you. Grab both sides of crab sections, so you can bend it into its own belly to 'crack' it in half. Each has four legs sticking out, so stop here if you choose. Or else you could spread, and chop between each leg and body area if you want to separate it further into eight sections.

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sandra said...

This is rather daunting the first go-around, but over the years it has become easier to do. Even so, I generally ask my husband to do it...haha!


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